TerraTrace™ sensor data cannot be altered from the point of capture with an OpenWare™ Sensor Device to the Microsoft Azure™ IoT Platform, ensuring no tampering or malicious data is inserted into the IoT system. The OpenWare™ mesh network, closed-hardware transmission design prevents new software from being injected into any devices along the entire transmission channel, eliminating the threat of Viruses, Malware, and all current forms of Ransomware. Data is fully encrypted utilizing AES 128-bit encryption from the OpenWare™ Sensor Devices to Azure™. This translates to having fully secured data channels all the way through the communication path and ensures the best overall data security for IoT systems.

TerraTrace™ IoT implementations are designed so there is no single point of failure along the entire transmission path. TerraTrace™ can provide any degree of data redundancy and recoverability required for a specific IoT deployment. The OpenWare™ wireless protocol can run anywhere from 300MHz to 2.4GHz; making data transmission less likely to be intercepted by standard wireless equipment and thus increasing overall data security.

The OpenWare™ Operating System is embedded directly into the OpenWare™ Edge device's firmware, preventing malware being inserted into the network. The OpenWare™ wireless protocol implements a 4-phase commit strategy ensuring data is securely and accurately delivered down to the last byte.

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