One of the biggest IoT Edge design challenges today is the uncertainty caused by competing standards, technologies and platforms. The lack of interoperability and adopted standards on the Edge are major concerns when designing IoT networks and deciding which technologies and platforms to use. The IoT-as-a-Service℠ delivery model enables customers to integrate with any existing wireless protocols including; OpenWare™, Bluetooth Smart (LE), ZigBee and Wi-Fi fully integrated into any OpenWare™ Sensor Devices, Edge Gateways or Edge Routers. OpenWare™ Gateways are fully integrated with the Microsoft Azure™ IoT Platform, and support all forms of data backhauling to an IoT Platform including cellular, satellite, and landline via the Internet. Firmware upgrades Over-the-Air (OTA) are fully supported to all OpenWare™ hardware, further ensuring future interoperability with new sensor arrays and business needs. OTA calibration of sensors (including accelerometers, heat, etc.), is fully integrated with the TerraTrace™ IoT Device Management services.

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