Archetype’s Management Team

Jason Cooner

President, Chief Executive Officer

Over 20 years of experience in building successful business and engineering teams, with an emphasis on developing start-up technology companies. Mr. Cooner helped develop six start-up companies, including Comframe (NWN), Intelligent Digital/Idapta, and now Archetype.

In addition, he has managed software development projects in several countries and large software engineering teams with over 120 developers. Projects included the successful product rollout for UUNet, MCI Worldcom’s Internet division and the Department of Defense’s Internet management portal with over 4 million concurrent users in 84 countries on day one, as well as "CoommerceOS", the world's first B2B ECommerce Integration Server.

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Ron Holbrook

Chief Technology Officer

40 years of experience in developing and managing mission-critical and 911 communications systems. Mr. Holbrook has provided switching and Operation Support Systems consulting and support to several independent telephone companies. Mr. Holbrook is credited with having made the first long distance wireless phone call during his tenure at Bell Labs, and is considered the "Father of the 911 Call Center Arena" for his early poineering of technologies in that sector.