PlayerMD™ CM (Concussion Management)

PlayerMD™ CM (Concussion Management) offers wireless monitoring and data collection for athletes who use sensor equipped skullcaps or headbands. Data is collected on the sideline with a tablet or smart phone device and is transferred to a centralized HIPAA-approved medical data storage facility. When an impact exceeds a player's personalized threshold, alerts are automatically sent to specified individuals via text or email that includes an estimated risk assessment of the impact being a concussive event. The SCAT3 Sport Concussion Assessment Tool is built into the PlayerMD™ CM platform so athletes who are removed from play can be evaluated for a potential concussion. The PlayerMD™ CM estimated risk assessment is based on over 2 million impacts recorded under IRB studies and their corresponding medically diagnosed concussions. This data provides irrefutable correlation of impact forces to actual medically diagnosed concussions. Due to this, PlayerMD™ CM can provide reliable Risk Assessments of an impact being concussive in real-time as part of the platform. Each athlete's impact history is tracked throughout their lifetime across multiple sporting or active pursuits allowing physicians to look beyond a specific impact when diagnosing and treating concussion related injuries.

Headgear and Sensor

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