OpenWare™ Edge Router

OpenWare™ Edge Routers can attach to a tablet, smart phone or laptop, or directly to another OpenWare™ Edge Router for mesh networking, can collect sensor data from up to 128 simultaneous OpenWare™ Sensor Devices.

1) An OpenWare™ Edge Router can relay data from millions of OpenWare™ Sensor Devices to another OpenWare™ Edge Router or OpenWare™ Edge Gateway, depending on the network update schedule and architecture required.

2) Relaying to an OpenWare™ Edge Gateway for direct transmission to Microsoft's Azure™ IoT Platform is the recommended layout for large-scale IoT implementations.

3) OpenWare™ Edge Routers have a 1/2 mile range and can be extended to 20 miles if needed.

4) The OpenWare™ Wireless Protocol does not interfere with devices using other protocols such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth LE and/or ZigBee.

OpenWare Edge Router

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